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about Gin Chan

Gin Chan was born in Northern Rome from the travels and experiences that chef Silverio Cervantes lived in Japan. Of the need to eat what he ate when he was in the alleys of Tokyo.

It is born from those experiences and friendships that happened when they were least expected, and they were always inside an izakaya while the food was served and the alcohol flowed.

Gin Chan is an izakaya, basically an inn or Japanese tapas place. Contrary to what many think, we are not a sushi bar, however, we offer good quality sushi and we seek to present the freshness and flavors of our fish.

During the afternoon we have a menu of Japanese food and at night we have a longer menu called Omakase, which translates as putting yourself in the hands of the chef or trusting the chef.

Gin Chan is a casual place, with simple and unpretentious food, a relaxed spot where we like to present delicious food, sake and Japanese beer. We want to create a place where people feel comfortable and share a beer with us when they leave work or come to pre-drink before a party or have dinner with their partner or friends.

So come say hello to Juan Contreras our sous chef, Karla María our floor manager, Koichi Kameoka our host and Babara San our grill master.

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